Law involving copyright is multifaceted and complex. Whether you are a business or an individual, you have rights to the work you generate and rights to the way others employ your work. Overhauser Law Offices provides counsel and assistance with the copyright registration process in the U.S., and works with clients to secure protection in foreign countries as well. To schedule a consultation, contact us.

FAQs About Copyrights

What is a Copyright?

Copyright is a  protection granted by law for original works of authorship that are expressed in a tangible medium. This includes literature, art, computer software, photographs, movies, music, engineering designs, and architecture. Copyright laws cover both published and unpublished works.

Is it important to register my work with the United States Copyright Office?

Yes, a copyrighted work is registered when you see the symbol ©. The act of registration allows the author the exclusive right to sell and distribute their work, or even keep it for themselves. Registered works may not be copied, sold, or distributed without permission. Legal action may be taken against those who infringe upon these tights.

Will I need to hire an attorney when I file for a copyright?

Sometimes.  The attorneys at Overhauser Law Offices are experts in copyright law, and can manage the difficult legal aspects of copyright filings.  Our clients often express relief when they learn that we can handle the complexities of copyright protection for them.

Do I have rights if I believe someone has utilized a work that I created?

Yes. Even when the work in question has not been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, you have rights covered by the United States Constitution. The people at Overhauser Law Offices believe in the protection of artistic expression and we passionately defend the rights of our clients.

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